"Thank you for proving my decision correct in sending you this high value property appraisal assignment" ... "The quality of your work is appreciated"

Anthony S.  Regional Manager for one of the largest AMCs in the U.S.

"While I was Susan Layne’s supervisor, she was thorough, professional, and consistently produced quality appraisal reports in a timely manner.  I am confident she will continue her high quality work and professionalism as a certified residential appraiser."

Jason C., Susan's supervising appraiser for over 5 years

“Susan is "the tip of the spear" as we say in the military...she is a natural leader, highly skilled, and fiercely determined to produce successful results for her clients."

Dave R., Supervising Broker, Carmel area real estate brokerage.

"Susan helped create the high standards of performance we achieve in operating our properties. Susan always approached her work with great enthusiasm and produced consistently superior results."

John P., Senior Vice President, Prometheus Development Company